We’ve had lots of success working with organizations we affectionately call “sleepy manufacturers”: small to mid-sized, decades-old and often family-owned companies that make specialty products. Our longest-standing client, Dickson, is the industry leader in chart recorders and data loggers and was founded in 1923. A newer client, Chicago Dryer, first presented its room-sized linen-drying machines at the Colombian Exposition in 1893.

To reach out to other such organizations, we joined the Industrial Council of Nearwest Chicago (ICNC). We have spent time over the last few months running seminars on web technology and offering free consulting to some of its 400 members.

We’ve also had the pleasure of meeting some fascinating companies sitting right under our noses. Just two miles west of our office is Kelly Tube Systems, founded in 1904 — one of the first companies in the USA to manufacture pneumatic tube systems that continue to be used in banking, manufacturing, and retail today.  A couple of blocks further west is Prevue Pet — a substantial family-owned manufacturer of specialty pet cages and other pet products.

We’re looking forward to meeting even more unique local business owners — and helping them harness the Internet to increase sales, cut costs, and meet the challenges of the 21st century.

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