The Sign In page of Discourse on the Go On the train? Working remotely? Now you can take your Discourse conversations on the go.

We use the online discussion platform Discourse for communicating about a lot of internal topics. It’s a well-designed, modern forum, message board, and chat room, all in one, and we find it a valuable companion to email as a tool for gathering and disseminating information. But workdays get busy and people don’t always have time to use it. Instead, a lot of us wanted to be able to check in on Discourse and participate in its conversations during our commutes. When we realized there wasn’t a mobile app, we decided to build one.

The DisGo mobile app has all the functionality of the web version, including the ability to post, view, and respond to topics; bookmark and like topics and replies; and send private messages. The app is also more streamlined and intuitive than the responsive web interface, and it lets you manage multiple accounts, so it’s easier to continue conversations across all of your feeds when you’re not in the office or in front of your computer.

Screenshot of Discourse on the Go app In addition to building a tool that we could use ourselves, this app was a fun project for us, since it gave us the chance to contribute to an open source project. We figured that if our company could use a Discourse mobile app, others could, too, so we wanted to take the initiative and put one out there. (Ironically, one of our developers posted a topic on our Discourse about developing for open source, and Discourse came up in the conversation as an option...the rest is history!)

We hacked the Discourse API and went through several rounds of design for the app, and got good, critical feedback from Discourse users that helped us fix bugs and make it better.

The app is currently free, and that was the intention. We’ve discussed open source and monetization, but the main focus was to build something cool to contribute to the Discourse community. Give it a try—if you have feedback, we’d love it if you’d leave it in the comments here or write a review at the app store. We’ll continue to keep listening to users and improving the app.

The DisGo mobile app is available in the App Store, and is compatible for iOS with your iPhone, iPad, or iPhone Touch.

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