Text on blue background reading "I have type two bipolar and ADD"Ever since Caleb Cornman passed away, I've been writing and speaking on depression in the developer community. In April I visited Salt Lake City, Panama City Beach, and the Groupon headquarters to give my Devs and Depression talk. Next week, I'll be in Scotland, speaking at Scottish Ruby Conference.

I've been honored, humbled, encouraged, and saddened by the response. I knew that mental illness was an unspoken issue, but I didn't imagine that it was so widespread. Over the last week, my talk from MountainWest RubyConf (below) has been watched 1,500 times on Confreaks, and I receive emails daily from people with no one else to talk to.

Thousands of people in our community are struggling with depression, anxiety, bipolar, OCD, and schizophrenia. They've been conditioned to keep their struggles secret, to suffer alone. With the help of Table XI, I've launched DevPressed, a forum where the tech community can provide resources, encouragement, and support for one another. If you've been affected by mental illness, there you'll find a group of friendly folk on the same road, a safe place where you won't have to keep quiet about these things any longer.

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