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Infographic: Mobile App vs. Responsive Website

Earlier this spring, we wrote an article about the 10 questions to ask when choosing between a responsive website or a native mobile app for your business. It's question a lot of people are asking these days, so we decided to turn it into a helpful infographic, which VentureBeat featured on its site last week.

Use the chart below to help you decide whether your company needs a responsive website or a native mobile app.

Mobile App vs Responsive Design

Special thanks to Kenton Quatman his infographic design.

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August 20, 2013 at 2:19 am

Excellent infographic… just what I was after to help with this mobile headache ūüôā

The only thing is where do mobile websites fit into this or has the mobile app taken place of a mobile website? Personally I would rather responsive over a mobile website anyway.

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