As advocates, we believe in the righteous pursuit of equitable and accessible design. Designing for the needs of the most marginalized users, we create better experiences for everyone.

As we address technical feasibility and commercial viability, our design decisions and interventions must remain rooted in the expressed needs, desires and ambitions of users. Additionally, as designers, we must remember we are not saviors and we are not infallible.

We misinterpret, we make mistakes, we miss the mark. So to gut-check ourselves and our work, we continuously test and validate with users, interrogate our own biases, and seek critical feedback from peers.

We impact humanity by …
  • Lifting up others, assuming positive intentions and acknowledging the contributions of individuals while operating as a cohesive team
  • Demonstrating and demystifying human-centered design methods for our colleagues and clients by pulling back the curtain on our process and bringing others into our work
  • Continuously incorporating user feedback in timely and efficient ways to positively impact outputs and outcomes
  • Collaborating with non-designers and culturally competent partners to shape our understanding and learn from their expertise and lived experiences
  • Allowing ourselves to be persuadable in light of new evidence or spoken truths
  • Investing in critical accessibility techniques, tools, and training—following the work and research of leaders in the space
  • Selling and delivering usability testing and accessibility on projects from the outset

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