As communicators, we believe clarity and complexity can coexist.

Distilling ideas to their essence is about reframing and summarizing concepts—not simplifying them. We respect the inherent complexities of our clients’ work and their users’ realities.

We continuously push for tangibility and specificity in our design—paring things down for coherence and comprehension by others. Sharpening the inquiry and refining the problem statement, we also bring our client’s challenge into focus (for us and them).

We cut to clarity by …
  • Conducting analysis and synthesis to uncover interesting, relevant, actionable insights
  • Creating diagrams and visualizations to help untangle complicated systems and workflows
  • Telling stories that bring users to life and illustrate possibilities and potential
  • Cultivating a shared understanding through metaphors and analogous examples
  • Planning and facilitating convenings—workshops, work sessions and readouts—to coalesce around specific goals and nuanced understanding

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