At Table XI design matters to us.

  • Design manifests possibility and gives us a glimpse of our future. It provides us a sense of purpose and guides our intent.
  • Design is never about just an idea. It requires an understanding of its audience.
  • Design is strategic. It generates value by driving deliverables, outcomes and recommendations.
  • Design is bigger than a single skill set or discipline.

We design for resonance.

We seek to create change and to make meaning. We aim to design product and service experiences we’re proud of in a consistent and repeatable way.

Our framework

We believe the following design principles hold us accountable to each other, our clients, their users and our own work.


Our principles are not the current state, but one day will be

While they may evolve, we are committed to the concepts. We believe they are a call to action; but not a list of demands.

Table XI

625 W Adams St
19th floor
Chicago, IL 60661


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