Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) at Table XI

Why We Do What We Do

DEIB Vision Statement

At Table XI our product is our people. To deliver the best solutions we need positive, inclusive environments with as much diversity in the room as possible. We need to be able to learn from each other.  We also believe that to be seen for who you are — and to have the opportunity to feel a sense of belonging — is a universal human need. We believe it is our responsibility and duty to create the conditions for belonging for every team member and a space where they can bring their authentic selves to work. That’s why we’re working to create an environment that is inclusive for everyone.


To start, that means understanding what diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging mean at Table XI. The first step is ensuring we are all using the general words in the same way.

Diversity refers to who is in the room and how many different social identity groups are represented.

Equity provides equitable access based on the needs of oppressed groups to resources and recognizes the individual needs of groups that have been historically exploited, for example, Black and Indigenous people of color within the context of the US.

Inclusion is our responsibility to welcome others and provide tangible support for their diverse needs so that all are able to participate meaningfully.

Belonging is about building community, specifically making people feel that they belong by leveraging, valuing and celebrating all that they are. This means accepting that belonging takes on different meanings for different people, and being curious about how to engage with their needs.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is a responsibility we are proud of. Read through each of the sections below to learn more about it.
2021 DEIB Roadmap

This year we are focusing our collective energy on three initiatives: to engage community organizations that support our pillars (racial justice, disability justice, and environmental justice), to conduct an equity audit, and apply an equity lens to recruiting and promotion.

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2021 Annual Diversity Report

At Table XI, we want to hold ourselves accountable for DEIB within our community. Our goals for this report are to help us describe the current state of the company, to set a baseline against which we can measure change, and to apply the insights we gain from this study toward meaningful change.

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History of DEIB at Table XI

This document outlines our company's DEIB history. From its roots in a conversation to the current team that meets weekly, we wanted to document the varied paths we took to get here.

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Our vision for community work

There have been a lot of concerted efforts to make an impact in the community and the world at Table XI, and there have been 3 particular topics that have seen a lot of momentum: Racial Equity, Climate Change, and Accessibility.

To institutionalize this work, we have decided to focus company-wide on these efforts, with a justice lens, to ensure that we understand the importance, and how we might use our privilege and passion, to advance these issues, in partnership with the communities that are leading this work.

Racial Justice

Running internal workshops on white supremacy culture to show up for racial justice, and dedicated an employee match for giving funds to organizations addressing racial equity.

Environmental Justice

Establishing sustainable energy incentives for employees and auditing our waste footprint — both in the office and now as a distributed team — testing composting, vegetarianism/veganism and carbon offsets for travel to show up for environmental impact.

Disability Justice

Iterating and improving how we prioritize accessibility in our development and design practices and seeking to expand accessible practices in all parts of our business to show up for disability justice.

Land Acknowledgement

At Table XI, our distributed team is located primarily on what is now known as North America. We acknowledge that we reside on the stolen homelands of a great diversity of Indigenous and Aboriginal nations and tribes, many of whom continue to live on today.

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Solving big questions by bringing leaders together

Our podcasts give us an opportunity to kickstart conversations on processes, languages, tools and communication with leaders across all fields.

Listen to DEIB topics from our podcast:


Making meetings more inclusive and productive

With our Inclusion Meeting Cards, we created facilitation cards that help you have better meetings, so you can stop the interruptions, silence steamrollers and encourage everyone to have a voice.

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Creating spaces for people to grow

At Table XI, we invest heavily in career development and employee learning. We created the Sticky Note Game to help keep track of career goals, adopted a sponsor program to help encourage career growth, and established a learning and development budget for each employee. And we like to share what we're learning so the whole community benefits. Regularly, we bring people from all backgrounds to our events ranging from design thinking, technical deep dives to cultural conversations.

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