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Working Hard, Playing Hard

Our company thrives because we’re a group of dynamic individuals with passions and hobbies that extend far beyond the workplace. Lest you think we’re just a bunch of coders chained to our monitors, this year Table XI staffers:

  • Participated in band gigs, choir concerts, improv shows, 5k races, half marathons, and triathlons;
  • Got married;
  • Welcomed nieces and nephews into our families;
  • Spoke at tech conferences and meet-ups in Chicago and Indiana;
  • Recorded an album;
  • Travelled to Canada, Mexico, Belize, Argentina, Uruguay, Switzerland, Turkey, and the Philippines;
  • Won an award from the Illinois Women’s Press Association;
  • Took classes in classical music history, persuasive communication, improv comedy, rock climbing, surfing, and Portuguese;
  • Worked from all over the US and Canada, including Chicago, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Denver, Austin, Minneapolis, and Toronto;
  • Cooked Thanksgiving dinner in the kitchen of famed Chicago restaurant Next;
  • Spent hundreds of hours volunteering for local organizations, including cooking for homeless shelters, tutoring students at the Metro Center for Girls, helping create mobile apps and strategies for the nonprofit Kids in Danger, and launching a community family movie night.

We can’t wait to see where people's interests take them in 2012!

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Zoe Feast
December 28, 2011 at 5:15 pm

What a fabulous list. As a web designer while I am passionate about what I do I think that passion remains alight because of all of the other things I do. In the last year I have renovated a house making friends with a drill and being constantly covered in paint. On top of that I managed to make a trip to the UK and had fun in the sun in Florida. Looking forward to more adventures in 2012

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