Screenshot of a Vine video featuring a Table XI staff memberWhat makes a good Vine video? I've found it's helpful to think backward. If a friend visited the office, what would I be certain to point out? Is there anything particularly ridiculous or hilarious that I couldn't describe to a stranger? Or finally, is there something I really want to see happen that I can set up under the auspices of, "Hey, can you help me shoot a Vine?"

As a format, Vine is best-suited for capturing small, microcosmic moments (like, say, when it snowed for the first time this year and minutes later an office-wide Nerf battle erupted—Vine gold).

It might not seem like much time, but you can still convey a lot about your company’s culture—fun stuff, personalities, office events, etc.—in these 6-second bites. Vines really enable imagination in this way. People are willing to help out partly because it's only 6 seconds. You're not asking them to star in Apocalypse Now.

Keep these tips in mind when shooting your Vines:

  1. Having the final impression in mind makes it easier to visualize separate shots. In the best cases, you're trying to tell a tiny story in 6 seconds. So arcs, characters, surprises, and those sorts of story elements help.
  2. “Film” is limited, so work out a system with the person you’re shooting so they know when you’re going to start recording. Use a countdown (“3, 2, 1 - Go”), point at them—it can be anything, but since you can’t edit within an individual shot, your actor(s) need to start when you’re ready for them.
  3. Vines are watched on a loop, so be aware of how the end of the video will lead back into the beginning. If someone's line gets cut off in the last shot, it’ll get increasingly distracting the more times the video loops.

Bonus Fun Fact: Vine allows some editing now! Every time you press “record,” that counts as a shot. With Vine you can now reorder or delete shots within your video.

At Table XI, I try to balance slice-of-life type moments with more surreal, epic departures from routine. Take a look at some of our latest:

First snowstorm of the year, a Nerf battle breaks out:

With too many Matts in the office, Mr. Reich scores the nickname "Buckles":

Table XI: Keeping Post-it in business since 2003:
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