Web banner for the Technori Starter Series: “Beyond the Ping Pong Table" showing two ping pong rackets and a ballIf you’ve read this blog, checked out our photo galleries, or visited our office, you know that company culture is pretty important to us at Table XI. Sure, we work in a custom-built loft space, play with Star Wars Legos, and eat daily lunches cooked in-house, but fun perks are only part of building a good culture. When our CEO Josh Golden started TXI ten years ago, he and his team knew that growing a successful business meant investing in employee culture and cultivating it from the beginning, from career development to health and wellness to morale to, yes, the occasional Nerf gun battle.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that Josh will be speaking on the “Culture by Design” panel at the upcoming Technori Starter Series: “Beyond the Ping Pong Table: Learn how to create and cultivate an incredible company culture.” Josh’s panel is a session with “leaders of small to large companies about space, perks that work, manifestos, team habits, and more.” Joining Josh on the panel will be Threadless’ Jake Nickell, GiveForward’s Ethan Austin, and Gensler Global’s Carlos Martinez.

Whether you’re currently managing a team or trying to get a startup off the ground, this will be a great chance to listen to people who have paved the way by example in building unique, thriving company cultures.

“Culture by Design”
Thursday, Dec 6
1:50 – 3 pm
Gensler Chicago HQ, 11 E Madison St

Find a full list of speakers, series schedule, and registration info at Technori Starter Series.

We hope to see you there!

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