Mike Laurence from Table XI, giving a talk at the Windy City Rails.On September 6th and 7th, all of the Table XI developers attended Windy City Rails. Along with the long-format presentations, Windy City Rails featured lightning talks, a rapid-fire series of five minute talks on a variety of topics.

On Thursday, our own Mike Laurence gave a talk called "Under the C," about how he has used C to drastically speed up his Ruby programs. Call us biased, but the consensus is that Mike's was easily the best of the Thursday sessions. Mike is a natural on stage, and years of vocal performance training has made him an excellent speaker. Presenting technical topics in a way that's accessible but interesting to all skill levels is a difficult task, and Mike nailed it.

On Friday, I gave a lightning talk based on my Code Like a Chef series. The official WCR videos will be released in the coming weeks.

Thank you to Ray Hightower of The Wisdom Group and the rest of the Windy City Rails team for coordinating a great conference, and for giving Table XI the opportunity to get on stage. We look forward to another great conference next year.


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