Poster for the "City of Broad Shoulders" event

Next week, join us for the City of Broad Shoulders, a three-night event coinciding with RailsConf that will highlight Chicago's enduring entrepreneurial spirit. Along with partners in crime Dev Bootcamp, 8th Light, and DevMynd, Table XI will be co-sponsoring a Speakeasy Night, a Maker Night, and a Windy City Night, where attendees will get to play games, build cool stuff, and learn how to tell a good story.

Speakeasy Night (April 22):  Chicago's history from the 20th century is steeped in tales of the Roaring '20s, Al Capone, and other prohibition-era lore. Slip into this speakeasy-themed saloon for rousing games of blackjack, dice, Werewolf, and Munchkin—no secret password required.

Maker Night (April 23): The 1890 World's Fair introduced a host of innovative ideas, designs, and brands to the world. Channel this ingenuity by taking part in a LEGO hackathon, building a robot, 3-D printing a bust of your own head, making your own letterpress cards, or getting your portrait doodled by a local artist.

Windy City Night (April 24): In addition to being a city of broad shoulders, we're often a city of long-winded stories. Learn how to improve your communication and storytelling skills from the expert behind The Moth speaking series.

All events will take place at Dev Bootcamp, and pizza and beer will be served. So whether you're in town for RailsConf or are just looking for a place to meet new people and celebrate pieces of Chicago's history, come out to the City of Broad Shoulders!

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit, and follow us @COBS_2014.

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