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How mobile usability testing and in-app analytics enable smarter growth

Mobile usability testing is hard to do properly, and in-app analytics aren’t all that easy to collect either. But without the user insights both can provide, you’re leaving the success of your business up to guesswork. We can’t recommend you blindly launch a website, then try to improve usage by looking only at pageviews. So we also don’t let clients toss together an app, then guess at improvements based on download numbers.

That’s why, even though it’s hard, we’ve developed a mobile user testing process. We start by collecting the best insights we can while we’re building the app, then we track usage statistics and analytics after it’s launched. That way we can learn why users do what users do. To make informed decisions that improve the product and grow the business, we need to start with mobile app usability testing.

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Old Town Merchants and Residents Association Launches a New Website

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new web site for the association of this popular Chicago neighborhood.  If you haven’t spent time in Old Town, it’s time to change that.  If you live out of town, come visit and check out all the cool shops, restaurants, and bars.

Our thanks to everybody involved in the project including Tom Erd, John Blick, Byron, Brian, and Rich.  Great work guys!

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