We welcome inquisitive developers, strategists and designers of all stripes

At Table XI, you’ll work alongside musicians, foodies, academic researchers, artists, entrepreneurs, writers and parents who take tremendous pride in the technology solutions they create.

We like to keep things interesting. If you’re curious, talented and hungry, we want to hear from you.

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“When you work with smart, interesting people, you want to foster an easy opportunity to learn from them and get their advice. Plus — the whole office smells incredible right around 11:30.”

Mark Rickmeier, CEO, on the importance of in-house lunch and chef

Our benefits reflect our values — taking care of our people and their families, so everyone can keep growing and learning. 


We want software to be the only thing you’re worried about. That’s why we offer high-quality healthcare at a low cost for the whole family — including up to $750 toward out-of-network mental healthcare costs.


Step away from the screen to enjoy a daily lunch with your coworkers, prepared in-house by our full-time chef. Vegetarian? Gluten-free? No problem. We’ve got you covered.


We offer competitive salaries and a 401(k) plan with a company match. We’ll also work to make sure you understand your money with lunch and learns to help you manage your finances.


At Table XI, you can set your own schedule. We offer flexible time off and the ability to work remotely or travel while supporting clients who value your skills and insights.


When you're at Table XI, we want you at your best. Take the time you need to get there with unlimited paid sick days and flexible paid vacation. New parents also get up to 12 weeks paid time off to recuperate and bond with their children. 


Our lunch and learns and diversity and inclusion forums have covered everything from an X-Files approach to design, to thriving through loss, to React/Flux basics, to culinary skills for home cooks, to improving feedback — all driven by the creative minds on our team. 

Experiences that bring value

At Table XI, we think it is important that everyone has an opportunity to grow and try new things. Check out our blog to learn more.

Learning React Native — and becoming a full-blown mobile dev — with help from my team

Learning React Native wasn't my original goal. I was just a frontend developer hoping to get better at JavaScript, and React seemed like a good way to do it. Then our mobile team was shorthanded, and when I looked at one of their React Native Github repos, it looked familiar enough to jump in and try to help out.

One year later, and I would say 60 percent of my time is spent building React Native apps. Find out how Matt Reich picked up a new language

How we've helped change how the industry talks about mental health
What one design sprint taught our project strategist about the value of UX
How trust helps us to recruit the best staff to Table XI
Why new programming languages helps our developers solve problems

“I interviewed at a lot of places, and nowhere else had the same homey vibe or showed me the same respect as a brand-new programmer that Table XI did.”

Pete Brooks on his journey from apprentice to full-time developer

We believe in diversity and inclusivity

At Table XI, our product is our people. To deliver the best solutions, we need as many bright and diverse minds in the room as possible, and we need to be able to learn from them once they’re there. That’s why we’re working to create an environment that’s comfortable and inclusive for everyone.

Our diversity and inclusivity team is dedicated to helping us become more aware and responsive. Through surveys, speakers and conversations, we’re collecting the data we need to iterate on our own culture, so we can make this the workplace we want it to be.

We know the tech industry isn't always as welcoming as it should be. But we're happy to do the work of making it better, both at our company and in our community.


Meetings done right.

Ever feel like your voice isn’t being heard in meetings? 

Stop the interruptions, silence steamrollers and encourage introverts with a card game that makes meetings more inclusive—and effective. 

Check out our new product—designed and tested by our team—live on Kickstarter for a limited time!

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Making Table XI a more inclusive place through intentional investments

Improving the way we recruit, hire and onboard to give everyone an equal shot
Improving feedback, performance reviews and training to build a more inclusive culture


Kickstart development for the whole person

Most career development is focused on forms, assessments and what you can do for the company. And while we want to get great work out of you, we know that doesn't happen in a vacuum. That's why we created The Sticky Note Game to set goals for all aspects of your life — from the conferences you want to attend to the volunteering you want to do to the life events on the horizon to the new skills you want to practice. 

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We believe in constantly learning

That's why we are constantly teaching and giving back to our communities.


We’ve donated over $1 million in work to make sure Chicago nonprofits and cultural institutions benefit from the same intuitive and efficient software we build for our partners. 

Learn more about our work


We’ve volunteered with Code Platoon, Girl Develop It, Wounded Warriors, AlterConf, Block.io, Dev Bootcamp and more to teach what we know about software to others.

Learn more about why we teach

Learn more about how we work and our efforts in diversity and inclusion on our podcast

On each episode of our podcast, host Noel Rappin engages diverse leaders in conversations about what tech done right really looks like. 

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“Noel Rappin’s book, Rails 4 Test Prescriptions, was the most practical and least dogmatic thing that I’d ever read about testing.”

Pete Brooks, developer, on working with experts at Table XI

Working here is an adventure

At Table XI, we seek to hire creative and curious minds, giving them a unique platform to do amazing things. Here are some of our favorite adventures, powered by Table XI.

“This is a really unique opportunity to learn about other cultures, pair with amazing people and connect to the broader software community outside of Chicago.”

Jason Hanggi, developer, on his international exchange with Plataformatec in Brazil

"We found a way to make children and work compatible, and we all won: I continue to provide value to TXI, TXI continues to employ me and my baby benefits from a mom who’s professionally fulfilled AND excited to play everyday at 2pm."

Alicia Drucker, Director of Delivery, on having her first child

“My wife and I have been living in southern Chile for nearly a year so that she can work with a local indigenous community for her PhD research. Table XI was incredibly supportive of this move.”

Quinn Stephens, developer, on relocating to Chile with his wife

“We’re very intentional here. I came to Table XI with years of experience, but our approach to frontend structure has made me an exponentially better developer. I will use these philosophies for the rest of my career.”

Aly Fluckey, UX developer, on her experiences at Table XI

“It's been fantastically beneficial to our culture to take the time for an all-company annual retreat — there's just no better way to mix it all up and share expertise and ideas.”

Ellen Brast, talent experience lead, on the importance of our company retreats

Sound like a team you want to join?

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