For a while it looked as though we were going to have to send out our newsletter without being able to welcome a new staff member. Then, with perfect timing, Byron Galbraith showed up and saved us from having to write filler content.

Byron’s had a busy summer.

On June 1, he resigned from his job. Six days later, he married Karen Zyck, his girlfriend of five years. After ten luxurious honeymoon days in Aruba and a week to readjust to the real world, the newlyweds packed up their lives and moved to Milwaukee.

Soon after settling in, Byron realized he had some time to kill before starting school in August. The solution? He caught the Amtrak back to Chicago and started a full-time job with us one week later.

Byron isn’t entirely new to Table XI. He has been working with us for a few months, but on a part-time basis.

At the end of the summer he begins a Masters program in Bioinformatics at Marquette (where his wife is getting her PhD in English Literature).  Byron’s fun in learning means we won’t get to keep him around the office for too long, but we like hiring smart people, and we’re hoping he’ll find time to keep working for us part-time once his program starts in August.

Between a new wife, a new job, commuting from a new home in Milwaukee, and an impending Masters program, Byron plans to sneak in a few games of Australian Rules Football, which he’s been playing since 2003.

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