Daniel Strabley: our newest hire

Every day we seem to read about some big company slashing jobs by the thousands.  For many, times are extraordinarily tough, but at Table XI, things seem to be holding steady.  We believe the future is bright — especially for small business — and have continued to invest and grow.

To that end, we’ve actually added another capable staffer to our team since our last communique. We are excited to announce the addition of Daniel Strabley to our team of 12.  While it’s only been a few months, it’s hard to remember what life was like before he joined us!

Daniel comes to us from closerlook, a design studio focused on the pharmaceutical industry, and represents the first full-time graphics designer that Table XI has ever employed.  For the first 6+ years of our existence, we worked closely with a number of freelancers, but never felt we had sufficient work to warrant a full-time designer.  Boy were we wrong…

Since mid-November, Daniel has dramatically improved the way we work by improving our design process, and by bringing his sizable HTML implementation skills to our clients’ projects.  His presence means our engineers can spend their time focused on functionality without having to sweat the vagaries of the dreaded Internet Explorer 6 bugs (Microsoft browsers are notoriously non-compliant with Internet standards.  For more info, check out this post from a previous newsletter).

Daniel has also been hugely helpful to our sales and marketing efforts.  He has helped us augment our materials with pictures that replace a thousand words, created proposal and presentation templates, and begun the process of organizing all of the graphic material we use.  Best yet, we’re quite sure we’ll find even more uses for his numerous talents as we further understand his capabilities.

Using the Google product design sprint process to get testable prototypes in a week