The YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago logoThe term "e-commerce" probably brings to mind sites like EBay or We recently had the opportunity to develop a less conventional type of e-commerce platform for the YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago.

Instead of clothing or books, the YMCA's inventory is its programing: Twenty-one centers in the Chicago area offer a number of different classes that vary in type, size, and participant age. However, information and nomenclature for these programs lacked consistency across the Y's Web site and its network of centers, making it difficult for people to find and sign up for the classes that interested them.

Our goal was to update and simplify the online registration process to make these programs more accessible to members and prospective members. In addition to establishing consistent titles and descriptions for classes, we turned the catalogue into an online platform easily searchable by criteria, such as program type, sport, league, time, age group, and center location. Need to find out what centers offer kids' swim classes on Monday nights? Now that info is only a few clicks away.

This streamlined process of searching and registering for programs will increase class enrollment while relieving the clerical strain at centers during registration periods. It will also improve the Y experience for current members and widen the Y's visibility to potential customers.

We are thrilled to be partnering with the YMCA Chicago and are excited about our future projects together!

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