The Table Xi team posing for a photo during Movember.Movember is always a special time of year for me at the office, since I get to watch my colleagues grow. Facial hair, that is.

For those unfamiliar with Movember, it's the month (formerly known as November) dedicated to raising funds and promoting awareness of men's health issues, specifically prostate cancer and testicular cancer. It's a time when men all over the globe agree to grow a mustache for the entire month as a physical display of support.

I decided to start a Movember team at TXI this year for a few reasons: 1) it's always awesome bringing people together to support a good cause; 2) watching a month-long, in-office competition for best/creepiest/worst 'stache is fun; and 3) I love hearing our leadership team explain to clients why they're donning creepy mustaches.

Our Table XI team, called Table XI Mo's, was a group of eleven: 7 gents, 2 gingers, and 2 ladies. Ladies, you say? Yes! Although I can't grow a mustache myself, I got a kick out of the horrified reactions I got from the guys who were afraid I could actually grow a full 'stache. (For example, Jon Fernandez said to me: "You're growing a mustache? Really? You should not. Not at all. Why? Why would you do that? Do you just give up when you're married? Is that what happens?" Hahaha—awesome.)

I also liked hearing the stories and plans for facial hair growth. You can learn a lot about a person from their mustache! One of our team members hadn't shaved off his full beard and mustache for several years—not even his wife had seen him without. He decided to join our team, and shaved his face clean on day 1, shocking us all. Many laughs also came out of the types of mustaches each guy decided to grow, from the Selleck to the Winnfield.

With Movember wrapping up last week, we held our first annual Movember Awards Ceremony. Here were the big winners:

  • "Best Mo" — Matt Lineen (a grand prize awarded for sheer dominance in the sport of 'stache)
  • "Most Artistic" — Jason Hanggi (recognizing creativity of facial hair design)
  • "Creepiest Mo" — John Gore (also known as the "Hide Your Children" award)
  • "Best-Worst-Try" — Andrew Horner (a valiant but not entirely visible effort)

We also raised nearly $2,000, including a matching donation pledge from Table XI. Woo woo! And while Movember may technically be over, there's still time to donate! And for more photos, check out our Facebook page.

Huge thanks to all my TXI colleagues who participated last month—with and without a Mo! Prostates all over the world thank you.

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