It's a very good movie. I don't know that it's "The Godfather of our generation", but it's very good. Here are some miscellaneous thoughts and links I've come across since my viewing on Friday.

  • The Social Network holds a 97% favorable rating from the critics on Rotten Tomatoes. Chicago's Roger Ebert gave it four stars.
  • I kept marveling at how deep the Hollywood talent pool must be to find a pair of twins with some serious acting chops and the god-like physique necessary to play the "Winklevii". I was pretty surprised to find that twins were played by a single actor, Armie Hammer (not to be confused with the guy that makes baking soda).
  • Justin Timberlake may be the most entertaining part of the movie in his role as "the founder of Napster", but I couldn't figure out why they referred to Napster founder Shawn Fanning as "Shawn Parker".  Little did I know that Napster, like Apple, has two co-founders with the same first name. If you're like me and haven't heard of him, here's a great Vanity Fair piece on Shawn Parker, the man with an uncanny ability to show up early at a couple of the most important dot-coms to date.
  • As expected, there are many discrepancies between The Social Network and real life, but they seem to be far less egregious than the nerdy asian male in Ben Mezrich's previous novel, Bringing Down the House, being played by an attractive white woman in its movie adaptation, 21.
  •, the site that started is all, is up for sale. You can buy it now for $35,000.
  • On the day The Social Network opened, Zuckerburg was in Chicago talking to Oprah about his $100 Million donation to the Newark public school system. He was adamant that the timing of his appearance was merely coincidental and had nothing to do with counteracting the movie's less-than-flattering portrayal.
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