Two sprinkles cupcake with two birthday candle numbers, a one and a zero.Table XI was founded because our first employees were frustrated working in organizations where technology was the source of more problems than solutions. So ten years ago this month, we took matters into our own hands and started a company that could deliver cutting edge technology solutions to the real people who work at and run Chicagoland's small and mid-size businesses.

Today, our very first client is still with us, and our staff comprises several people who have been here since the start (or near to it). It’s these kind of lasting relationships that we’re most proud of, along with the cool and innovative work we’ve gotten to do along the way.

Part of the founding ethos of Table XI was that creating an inviting company culture would bring us the best developers. Over the years we’ve introduced daily perks like flexible hours and lunches (catered in-house), plus bigger benefits like retreats to Costa Rica, where we can simultaneously have fun, get to know each other better, and work on interesting company projects. It’s an investment that has brought us incredibly talented people and allowed us to expand our client base and business—the proverbial win-win.

So what’s next for us? Our time in Costa Rica gave some smart people time to work on smart ideas and get experience with new platforms. We’ll foster more of that, while continuing to figure out how to recruit and retain the best talent and apply their skills to the newest technologies. With the industry focusing on social apps and mobile optimized products, we’ll be doing a lot more work in those areas.

We’re incredibly proud of our achievements, and that we were able to make it through the last decade’s tough times without having to cut back on people or benefits. We’d like to thank our clients and employees for helping us get here, and we can’t wait to see what the next ten years will bring.

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