The Chicago ideas Week website gets a responsive overhaul.

Chicago Ideas Week

Table XI serves as official technology partner to Chicago Ideas Week, and we’re proud to be so closely associated with an organization committed to cultivating a community of curiosity.  Chicago Ideas Week is an annual gathering of global thought leaders created to share ideas and inspire action.

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In the first year of our partnership, we delivered a new online ticketing platform for Chicago Ideas Week. In a matter of six weeks, we built a custom ticket solution that integrated with the existing Chicago Ideas Week website, and streamlined the ticket purchase experience for attendees, sponsors and organizers.


Our mobile ticketing solution allowed volunteers to scan tickets at the event and have a real time count of how many tickets were available at the door for each event.

As part of the ticketing redesign we also launched a mobile app to redeem tickets on-site at events. Thanks to the app, organizers can now track attendance in real time, and know exactly how many tickets are available to sell at the door. 

In our second year of partnership we redesigned the website. We implemented a responsive design that makes it easy to explore events and discover content on any device. We also improved the user experience to better guide users through Chicago Ideas Week programming and make it easy to explore various events.

And best of all, a new content management system (CMS) empowers the Chicago Ideas Week team (who are genius content creators after all) to update their site without our help.

Our work with Chicago Ideas has truly been a collaborative relationship. We look forward to continuing to explore ways to help bring a “Community of Curiosity” to life online.

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