Fresh Ideas at The Spice House

We rolled out a slew of new websites in early November, which we’ll tell you all about in the coming days. First up: the relaunch of The Spice House.

Since we helped relaunch¬†their web presence in 2003, The Spice House has seen year-over-year growth in Internet sales, consistently ranked in the first page of Google search results for “spices” and other related terms, and received millions of visits from search engines each year. When we started planning a site update with the The Spice House, we didn’t want to fix what wasn’t broken; however, we did identify ways to enhance user experience and increase sales by improving navigation, simplifying the checkout process, and optimizing the site for new search terms.

Today The Spice House’s online hub has a bold, fresh new look and feel, just in time for holiday cooking. Check them out to find spices and recipes to complete your Thanksgiving meal!

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  1. D'vorah Elias says:

    There is a typographical error in Greg Baugues’ entry. He says he had an opportunity to give a “lighting” talk. What I think he meant to say was “lightning” talk.

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